Extra Dry Rökkertini Ingredient List

Extra Dry Rökkertini
5 oz. Rökker Vodka
less than a splash of Extra Dry Vermouth
Garnish with Green Olive

Extra Dry Rökkertini Description

A dry martini is simply a classic martini where the quantity of vermouth has been reduced. To make a martini “wet” you add vermouth, to make it a “dry” martini reduce the amount of vermouth. This ratio of vodka to vermouth is very personal to the martini drinker.

An Extra Dry Rökkertini can be achieved using either extra-dry vermouth, just a splash, or keeping the cap on the vermouth bottle and waving above glass.

Another way is to pour extra-dry vermouth in glass, swirling and then dump.

Extra Dry Rökkertini Instructions

Shake ingredients over ice and strain into a Martini glass and add green olives for garnish