What is Rökker Vodka made from?

Rökker Vodka is distilled from corn

Rökker Vodka is made from 100% corn harvested in Wisconsin and the midwest. Reverse Osmosis water is used to adjust proof, after charcoal filtering and triple distillation.

No fruit is used in the production of Rökker Vodka.

There is no potato in Rökker Vodka.

Is Rökker Vodka Gluten Free?

According to Celiac.com on a webpage devoted to listing “Gluten Free Alcoholic Beverages”,  “All distilled alcohols are gluten-free”.

There’s some controversy out there over whether vodka made from a gluten grain source is gluten-free.

Most experts on celiac disease believe that distillation removes enough of the harmful gluten proteins to render alcohol made from gluten grains gluten-free. In fact, the National Institutes of Health advises that distilled alcoholic beverages are safe to drink, even if they’re made from gluten sources. (from Celiacdisease at verywell.com)

Some of the complaints have been about cross contamination or adding original grain based materials back to the distilled spirit for taste, but neither of those are the case at Yahara Bay Distillery as the still is meticulously cleaned between every run and the only other thing added to the 190 proof, absolutely pure vodka in it’s production is the reverse osmosis water that is used to bring the spirit to 80 proof (40% alcohol by volume).

Please research and determine for yourself if you are sensitive to grain alcohols.